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I have saved 100s of relationships not for the recognition, just because I am passionate in what I do and simply love to serve people. I started giving love advice and consultation when I was 15 years old and at that time, I have not been in a relationship yet. That 1st client, is still in love with his wife, now more than ever, 16 years. Since then, it all made sense to me and discovered I had an amazing talent in offering my services to friends, co-workers, and new clients. I have many clients that I still stay in touch, and love to hear their success stories. I wish you and your loved on an abundance of love and happiness!

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Retention of Relationship (ROR) Certication


I have retained and saved 100s of relationships. Recently, I have opened my portfolio for new clients to be able to assist and preserve their relationships. I have heard and seen all types of relationship issues and there isn’t anything a challenge that I cannot assist and guide you. My services are 24/7 as this is needed to recover and rejuvenate your relationship!

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