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personal counselling. Many years experience of dealing with all kinds of personal traumas, from relationships to bereavement. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a complete stranger - absolute security and confidentiality assured


Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and you dont know who to talk to. What you really want is some solid advice and sometimes just someone to hear you out. Maybe you don’t want to discuss it with your friends. Maybe there’s an issue in your life with someone in that close circle and by telling one, you’d be telling them all. Is there a secret you want to share with a total stranger? Just to get it off your chest? Is there something in your life that’s so sensitive that you don’t feel you can tell ANYONE about it, but you just HAVE to talk to SOMEONE? Business problems? Cant tell the wife you’re in deep shit? Cant tell you friends that you’re not as successful as they all think you are?

Guilty secret? Bereavement? Divorce looming? Stressed out and want to kick the shit out of your boss but cant?

How many times do we feel completely alone? No-one to talk to?

Sometimes we build up relationships around us that we feel are simply far too precious to damage with our secrets.Talk to a stranger.Talk to me

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BSc Physics and Electronics. Been running businesses for the past 12 years. Dealt with all sorts – from Yakuza to Mafia as well, and still here to tell the tale!


20 years running businesses, lost my 15yr old son to cancer 2 years ago, moved house and country several times, worked all over the world, seen lots of things, some very very bad and still kept it all together. Been through very bad health issues, alcoholism and have children with all the usual family stresses and suchlike. Lots of my friends reckon I’m “good to talk things through with” and can see positive things in almost every case

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