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In my endeavour and with guidance from God, Universe and authors I came to understand that I have had to question my beliefs and that of who I am?

The night we came together, Barbara and I, I call her my angel, I believe God sent her to me. We wrote Power to Question inspired with Barbara we were saying these questions, I then said Barbara “this is a book”, how amazing the questions make us feel and we have been having so much fun ever since! I met Barbara on Facebook. I knew that I wanted to meet and be with like-minded people like myself thought like and want to create something better.


My name is Glenda Andrew also known to her family and friends as Lady G, I live and reside in the UK with my children. Ben is 25, Angela is almost 12 and Alexander is 10.
I am single, divorced and since then have tried to make better my life for me and for
those close to me.

For the past 10 years living between London and Italy, I have been and continue on a
path of Personal and Spiritual Growth. Awareness though has been the key to a realization
that I am responsible for all that has and will happen in my life.

I have lived though many experiences of drama, excitement, sadness even lonliness and until 4 years ago, I Knew and felt that something is happening and changing. Although at the time, I didn’t think it had to do with me.

I, like many, thought it had to do with someone else, you know – others. I stayed in Italy and on my return, I lost my house and my job.

I Returned to the north of England which is my original home and pursued a life where I can create a stable environment for the children because if anything happened to me or their father they had a home to come too.

I had always thought what my purpose is and why am I here? Why am I the way I am? Will I be successful? Who motivates me the most is Me.

I have read many books, the first was the Key, by Joe Vitale. “Conversations with God”.

The Secret, a great movie and The Law of Attraction. My friend Joanne of 25 yrs plus supported and encouraged me to continue when I returned to Lancashire and we read and we discussed, many books.

Although, I asked for more guidance somewhere, there had to be someone who can help more an another level.

I absolutely love learning from famous Authors & speakers such as Neale Donald Walsch and Joe Vitale and as I was listening & so inspired by these two famous Authors I met a lady named Barbara who also loves these two Authors that lead people to their own empowerment.

Barbara has and continues to help me, inspire me and I am also very inspired by Neale Donald Walsch, Joe Vitale Louise L Hay and Antony Robbins and many,,many more. I therefore am happy to help and inspire someone too.

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