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Providing Coaching in communication, leadership, influencing, conflict resolution, personality traits, and team work. Through improving our understanding of ourselves and those we spend time with each day, we become more successful at what we are trying to achieve and happier in the process.

My approach is grounded in professional and personal life experience; practical, and down-to-earth. In addition to real world experience my thoughts and approaches are heavily influenced by philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

I get a sense of value in helping others and this is the reason I am a coach. I also believe that people are not easy; coaching goes beyond a set of skills and techniques and lies in a thorough understanding of, and passion for people, which I have.

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Accredited NeuroPower Practitioner Certificate IV in Management Studied Bachelor of Computer and Information Science


My life and career like yours I expect has been an ever changing journey. My particular journey has always been focused around people and teams. However it did take me a long time to realise how much I enjoyed contributing and making a difference to other people’s lives. And it took a long time to realise that amongst the skills I spent so long building, it was more often just time, a friendly face, reflection and an honest interest in others which made the most difference. Naturally education and training in people, people skills, management and leadership has been interwoven with that desire to make a difference.

My education and career has been in software. I have been leading and managing teams for over 10 years now. My career has afforded me the challenges of managing multi-million dollar software projects for the Australian, New Zealand Governments and various other nations around the world. Working with clients and partners from countries such as Sweden, America and New Zealand provided new perspectives and experiences in people skills which I apply daily.

Perhaps my biggest life lesson was delivered via ‘burn out’ and depression early in my career. Over the space of a few months I went from 60 hour work weeks to sitting in front of my computer in a day dream. I don’t actually recall if i was the long hours or the breakup from a long-term relationship which was the trigger. Either way life became a very different experience for me for several years. It broadened my understanding of mental health; depression was something other people got, it would never happen to me. I learnt a new appreciation for work-life balance, not just for my benefit but also for those depending on me. One of the most significant things it taught me was that life can be tough sometimes. It can change from awesome to terrible in a very short time. Everyone needs support in different ways.

The world is a fast moving and ever changing place, and even with new technology bringing the world closer together we seem to be moving away from each other as people. Everyone is busy and involved in their own lives and sometimes it’s hard to find the feedback, help or guidance we are all seeking. I am continually fascinated and perplexed at how so many of us go through the same experiences and challenges, or have the same fears and passions yet rarely feel comfortable talking about them.

I believe it is only through discussion that clarity and/or change can occur. Clarity on what we want, what is right/wrong, who we are and how the world is. And change so that what we want is achieved, we do the right thing and find our place in life.

I also passionately believe that business relationships and personal relationships are not as different as most would have us believe. That regardless of your industry, your role and the people you interact with it is most important to have open and trusting relationships with others. This is the most fundamental building block of success.

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