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Life coaching inside and outside the workplace is becoming more common. Life coaching is an acceptable form of support to anyone who is seeking to improve specific areas of their life, or simply their quality of life in general. Personal fulfilment, health, fitness, relationships, financial abundance and personal development are all common subjects for this type of coaching.
Life coaching is not counselling

A life coach will encourage you to consider that you are where you are and what may have happened in your life has happened. Coaching makes a valuable contribution in the process of helping people to experience life the way they want to experience it.

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Life coaching is a positive way of making a change.

My unique positive coaching helps people make continuous positive change and achieve success. This success can be in any field of life: health, career, weight management, business management, studies…

I have worked and achieved lasting success with people that wanted to quit smoking, lose weight, improve their relationships, improve certain friendships or just simply achieving a good life-work family balance. When coached by me, my clients get what they want in life, and they use the skills that I`ve thought them long after we`ve finished their coaching programme.

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