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My name is Kay Gibson, and I am a personal life coach.

My job is to help you in any area of your life that you are struggling with (whether that be work issues, body image, dating/social issues etc).

First, I help you understand what is going on in your life, then to recognize both strengths and challenges, and design your path to a sucessful and balanced future!

I can help with both general unhappiness, and/or specific problems.

My services generally begin with a foundation session, then go on from there for as long as you deem necessary.

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Certified Life Coach


Up until 2996, I was truly unhappy with my life. I was barely educated, in a dead-end, greuling job, and had an eating disorder and a cheating husband. The life I was leading was slowly killing me.

That was when I discovered coaching. Working with a life coach, I was able to find a career that fit me perfectly, experience true, loving relationships, and begin loving myself again too.

It was truly an inspiring and life-altering experience. A life coach helped me find happiness and success. Now I want to help you do the same.

Life is too short to live unhappily and always compromise on what you truly need(and deserve).

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