Dr. Alexander Gee Jr.

Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching


I use a combination of active listening skills, spiritual iinsight, intuitive questioning and practical saged wisdom in serving my clients. This combination of skills and attributes are invaluable tools in my arsenal as they equip me in creating an atmosphere that fosters trust, insight, inspiriation, motivation, focus decision-making and progress. I believe in the intrisic God-given dignity of each person and consider myself privileged to be able to walk alongside indivuals as they purpue their purpose and destiny.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I hold a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership Development and over twenty years experience as a family counselor


My 25+ years of professional counseling, mentoring and coaching experience has enabled me to effectively serve the needs of hundreds of clients.
My doctorate in Transformational Leadership has trained me to understand that empowered and healthy leaders are the only people who can positively transform companies, communities and societies; therefore, I have made it my business to tune into the needs of leaders.
My genuine concern and passion for people has allowed me to serve the affluent as well as the financially challenged; the formally educated as well as the entry worker; I want to help you!
My expertise is motivating clients by helping them to see their intrinsic value; affirm their God-given worth; å identify places where success has been impede so as to assist my client by developing strategies for motivation and success.
Other areas of Coaching specialization includes Cross-Cultural Leadership Coaching & Fatherlessness in Males.

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