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I am a Counselor,Therapist,and Personal Development Coach. I have a BA in Psychology, and an Associates Cum Laude in Humanities. Extensive Counseling,including special needs, as well helping others through a cognitive behavior approach, both brainstorming and implementing new paths to enrich life. I have been a Spiritual Writer for well over 20 years, have been a Teacher, and currently I am working with Synchronicity In Your Life Magazine online as their Laureate Poet. I enjoy Global networking immensely. My aspirations are incredibly high, and that is my hope to enthuse you, to empower you in these sometimes difficult challenging times to enable you to reach your own empowerment, and find a peacefulness within, regardless of mayhem that is working like a clock pivotal in our current world. Foremostly I started as a Seeker of enlightment, and my hope is to be a Light and to usher in Healing and warmth and bring those that happen upon me into awareness that we are not alone, and together we can transcend.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Bachelors in Psychology
Associates Humities and Education
(Includes early childhood eduction)
Cum laude
Private Government in Home Tutor
Spiritual Development Writer/ Counselor


I have worked extensively one on one with persons dealing with crisis, and some of those coming out of traumatic circumstance helping them to regain their own personal alignment and orientation of their Self and readapting to life in the aftermath. I have worked with children with special needs, behavior problems and learning impaired. Tutored privately for the Gov’t, Taught school and basically Counseled for a number of years in addition to writing Spiritual development material to inspire and for other’s to use as a cathartic tool in which they can in their private time implement some of my healing techniques on their terms in their own homes to discover new freedom and new found peace of mind and heart within their inner worlds which translates easily to a more stabile and happy outer life.

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