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For those that don’t know me allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hart N. Holdings. My life has had more ups and downs, hills and thrills than a day at 6 flags. I come from the windy streets of Chicago or Chi-town as many refer to it, although there is nothing shy about her. I was born the youngest of 4, although my family of siblings was much larger than that I would come to find out later in life and stronger than most. Raised in a single family home, I witnessed poverty at its finest and my mothers fight against it and its ailments. As a youngster I was always wise beyond my years, the older cats would say, I grew up with a keen sense of street wisdom and book knowledge, using my observation skills of being the youngest child coupled by lessons taught to me by my older brother/father and my extended brothers and fathers, to analyze, dissect and capitalize on any and every situation that crossed my path. I have walked with the worst and ran with the best, come out of the dirt dressed to impress. At the tender age of 13 I realized that anything in this world was attainable and like any other young teenage man I wanted money, cars, clothes and girls. I wanted success and I wanted it at any cost. I got paid, I got cars and I got plenty of clothes, what I got the most of was beautiful women. All shapes, sizes, black, brown, white, real and fake. Imagine That!! More so than gaining the company of gorgous woman, I attained wealth in the form of the knowledge of how a woman thinks, reacts, responds, clicks and ticks. An ability to know if a woman wants you or not in her first sentence or better yet without her saying a single word, knowing how to approach every woman in a unique way, her way, not mine. Now, I am not a "pimp" nor am I a "playa", I just deeply believe that women are the most beautiful, interesting and captivating creatures that I have had the pleasure to encounter in all of my existance on this planet and feel a strong desire to connect and be in-tune with the miricles before my eyes and you should also. My experience with the opposite sex is not meant to be abused, which is not a concern, since a strong women will sense your genuine intentions without a bat of her eyelash. My experience is to bring you closer to the harmony that your life deserves and share in the gift of life and companionship. Oh and ladies, you of course can not be forgotten, I have to keep it real with you as a real man, real advice from a real mans perspective SPEAK ON IT!

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