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The most important thing I do is listen. I’m not here to give you advice. There’s too much of that going around to be useful to you. I’m here to help you become empowered and find your own way in life. After all, isn’t that what you really want – to be empowered and make a life that’s satisfying and fulfilling for you?

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I don’t have a single degree in helping people with their personal issues. All I really have are lots and lots of conversations with people – family, friends, strangers – about the deepest parts of their lives. Yeah – I do have training as a communication skills instructor, but I don’t think the training itself is as important as my ability to use that training to help others. My strength is in my ability to listen to people and help them feel empowered to make the life they want to live. That’s it! There’s no paper hanging on my wall to show that I have been trained to do what I’ve done so many times. All I have is my experience.


Here are some conversational experiences I’ve had:

  • pregnancy, birthing, and beyond issues
  • general parenting issues
  • family relationships, especially teens dealing with parents and other authority figures
  • romantic and sexual relationships
  • professional relationships
  • finding direction and fulfillment in life – personally and professionally
  • anxiety and depression
  • post-war and violence issues
  • caring for the needs of others
  • end-of-life issues (for people who are dying and people who survive the death of someone else – both natural death and euthenasia / suicide)
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