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Personal and relationship analysis based on individual personality and character

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Psychology/Philosophy Degree (AA) Twenty-four years of dating experience Workshops on relationships and self-empopwerment since 2002 Non-Profit for women started in 2002


I am the founder of a Organization that has given workshops and seminars on Interpersonal Communication for personal and couple relationships for over 7 years in person, on blogs, by phone and in chat.

My emphasis is on SELF-KNOWLEDGE, SELF-AWARENESS, AND SELF-ESTEEM. I explore with clients past relationship experiences, starting with family and moving on to choosing the RIGHT friends and boy/girlfriends, for your individual personality, character, and I offer astrological compatibility, based on the month a day of your birth.

Effective communication is KEY in any relationship and I work with clients on ACTIVELY listening to what someone says to them and helping them through self-knowledge and awareness, to respond accordingly to what is said and NOT said(reading between the lines during a conversation).

I also offer personality analysis based on the MONTH AND DAY of your birth. I have found that an individuals birthdate reflects their personality and character; it also provides INSIGHT into love/relationship compatibility.

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