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If you are looking for techniques that actually work, I’m your guy. Whether you are starting a business of ANY kind, building and expanding, or are simply trying to change a business culture within your current model, we can help. I am a real world, street level, business guru, with more sales training ability than all of these other companies combined. I can deliver cutting edge consulting, strategic planning, cultural development, sales technique development, industry positioning and posturing, execution strategies, and just about any business related need that you have, personally or corporately. I can give you the tools that will make you money. I am NOT going to give you any cheesy sales fluff or attempt to flatter you in any way. I will give you the answers you need to deliver results. Period.

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Chairman of the Business Advisory Council (2001-2003) National Leadership Award (2001,2002,2003) Keynote Speaker at National Events Built and developed several multi-million dollar businesses. Operated as an Advisor,Regional VP,Sales Development Advisor,Sales Training Systems Development Specialist.


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