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Hello! My name is Joy, and I feel my mission in life is to bring joy, happiness, light, life, and order to the world around me.

I have spent my time immersed in online conversation with friends and have been told that I give great advice. I am not a professional by any means, just a friendly, listening ear.

I am here for any advice you might need, whether it be on a bit of art, a clarification of scriptures, a bit of prayer, or just some advice and an encouraging word. Please contact me anytime I’m online. I’d be happy to help.

Yours truly, Joy ~{@


Great sense of empathy, especially through online communication, years of chatting with friends on instant messengers. Feel a really open connection with those I’m talking to, open to hearing YOU first, then giving advice. People do not need a blanket response, they need a real interaction. I avoid cliches because they are blanket responses and we’ve already heard them. We wouldn’t be seeking advice if we needed a cliche answer.

Christianity – 30 years as pastor’s daughter. I’ve seen the hurt, the division, the confusion, those needing guidance, but I have also seen the wonder, the miracles, the things that cannot be explained by natural means.

Arts & Crafts – Have been an artist all my life, received 1st-place ribbon for an art contest in first grade and went on to win several other 1st-place ribbons from among my peers and even win a 1st place ribbon in an adult competition while still in high school. Went on to study art at the Illinios Institute of Art.

Fortes are drawing and painting, but I also dabble in a number of crafts.

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