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Clutter. It’s such a nasty word, clutter. It also has a nasty habit: it sits in a spot, collecting more clutter and constantly nags at us. This adds stress to anyone’s life, and no one I know has been able to permanently avoid it. The National Organization of Professional Organizers once had a statistic stating that we only use 20% of the things we purchase. That means 80% is just hanging around causing guilt. Let’s change that.

I clear clutter in a way that not only encourages you to move it, but in a way that encourages you to set up your environment in ways to prevent clutter from dominating your spare time. I create organization strategies for families and businesses.

I also can advise my clients in the ancient practice of Feng Shui.

No matter which approach you need, I start by having a consultation with you to assess whether or not my services can be beneficial. This is a flat rate of $10 to fully assess your situation and provide a plan of action moving forward.

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BA in Philosophy


I run a small business professionally organizing homes and businesses.

I live with a (great and very loved)clutter bug and we have children (human and canine). Staying organized has been a fun challenge in our modest dwelling, but with the techniques I’ve developed, we make it work.

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