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Need assistance with finding a mate or maintaining a current relationship? Maybe you need a neutral mediator for problems you may be having. Take advice for someone who has maintained the same love relationship ship since age 12.

Life Coach: I can help you reach your goals and full potential. As a certified life coach, I will help you plan a path specifically for you and execute it with accuracy and in a timely manner. For career, educational, and employment seekers.

Weight loss: If you are looking to loose weight I can help you. At 5’4, after two pregnancies I weighed 240 pounds. Currently I weigh 142 with no magic diets or weight loss pills. Let me help you.

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I am Certified Life Coach via


I have been a certified life coach for 3 years now. I have helped many people plan their success and implement it accordingly. My plans fit you and your needs. I also have a Bachelors Degree from Bellevue university in psychology. I am here to help counsel, mediate, address and solve problems of all kinds including family, marriage, and love.

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