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Communications Specialist and Life Coach, committed to clearing communications between people, groups and organizations, one connection at a time.

My life’s work and passion is helping people and organizations communicate clearly and effectively.

Throughout my life, the two themes of communication and connections show up over and over. Whether I am bringing clarity to unruly databases or being a Life Coach and helping people find the unique solutions to overcome what is holding them back, underneath it all, it’s about communication and connections.

In every conversation, in every connection, there is a space where authentic, clear communication exists.

Want to cut through the clutter and noise to get to this authentic clear space? Then this is the place for you!

Together, we can discover what’s in the way and create Your Unique Path to consistent, clear communications in all areas of your life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

20 years in Corporate America, taking various communications-related workshops and then on-the-job practice refining my communications skills, especially as a Business Analyst.

I’ve also taken various outside classes and workshops, further sharpening my communications and coaching skills.

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