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Ask me anything about applying to college and General career planning. For those that Want to know more about the college experience and the daily life of a student I can walk you through what that type of lifestyle entails. I also offer several tips and pointers to maintain a healthy mental life or help figure out if you may suffer from a mental disorder like depression.

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B.A. in psychology from Stony Brook University

currently pursuing a Master of arts in mental health counseling at CW Post.


Before I applied for college I bought every book, read every Magazine, talk to every expert he could think of just to be sure that I did everything right the 1st time. I ended up making so many mistakes that almost cost me not only my career, but my life as well. I learned so much during those years and continue to learn everyday. I use all the knowledge that I’ve gained to help my friends, siblings, cousins, anyone I encounter because I feel it’s my duty to pass on the help that I never received, but learned the hard way.I know what it’s like to bounce back from the initial upset of being rejected from all of your dreams schools. If I made it so can you.

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